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Hi! Thanks for showing interest in turning on Post Notifications for j5.

I am assuming you do not know how to turn on Post Notifications on Instagram or what does turning on post notifications actually do.

It’s okay, we are not supposed to know everything, are we? Besides, this short article will guide you exactly how to do it – it’s simpler than you think!

What are Post Notifications?

Post Notifications are nothing but simple notifications that you see on your mobile. They tell you that “Hey! Your favorite Instagram Page @j5moreminutes just made a post!”

You can click on the notification and it will take you directly to the latest post uploaded by j5. You can then like/share/comment/save the post if you think it is relatable to you.

This helps you to not miss out on awesome posts created by j5 and at the same time, the more you engage (like/share/comment/save) with j5’s posts, the more viral it gets and it helps the page to grow.

So in a way, you are helping your favorite page j5 to become more popular, just like you’d help someone in your own family if they got some talent, isn’t it?

So if you think you love the posts on j5, you must ensure that the post notifications for j5 are turned on.

Hah! Enough of the pep talks now. Let me show you how to turn on post notifications for j5.

Turning On Post Notifications for j5

It’s very simple. After the steps I will show below, you will know how to turn on post notifications for posts/stories/IGTV and live streams. So let’s see how to do it!

Step 1: go to j5’s instagram profile

Step 2: Click on the “Following” Button

Note: You won’t be able to turn on post notifications if you’re not following j5. So if you’re not following j5, you can follow j5 by clicking here.

Step 3: Click on “Notifications

Step 4: Select “Posts”, Stories”, “IGTV” and activate them

Step 5: It should look something like this

And voila! It’s done! You will now be notified instantly when j5 uploads a new quote or video. If you still have any doubts, DM me on j5

If you were successfully able to turn on post notifications after reading this guide, please comment “yes” in the comments section below so that I can know.



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