Confused about essential oils? This blog is about to make you fall in love with them!

Ever since the trend of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has increased in recent years, people have come to realize the benefits of essential oils – which are a part of CAM. 

Such potent oils are derived from plant extracts and are fully natural. Not to forget – they come with a ton of health benefits. 

So if you are someone who is keen to take care of their skin and health (which ideally you should be), essential oils can be your way to go. 

Such oils are usually used under aromatherapy, a medicinal practice that uses plant extracts for the betterment of human health. 

In fact, according to the market analysis by Global Aromatherapy, the global aromatherapy market is forecasted to increase by more than 8% between 2017-2024. 

So you see – the GRAPH IS RISING! There has to be a reason for it. And if you aren’t serious about essential oils yet, we’d suggest now is the time. 

This blog will take in depth of the what, why and how of essential oils so that you have no doubts whatsoever regarding using them. 

So without wasting any further second, let’s get to the god stuff – shall we?

Getting it clear- what are essential oils? 

In the most basic explanation, essential oils are the chemicals derived from plants. What they do is that they capture various properties of plants like the smell, or the flavor. In short – they contain the “essence” of plants that is beneficial to the human skin, hair and other parts of the body. 

Different aromatic chemicals give different essential oils their different medicinal properties. 

Such oils are extracted from plants mainly via two ways:

  1. Distillation
  2. Mechanical methods (cold pressing)
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But this is not it. Just because it is extracted from the plant doesn’t mean it is ready for use. The oil is then added to another oil called carrier oil, and the resulting compound is meant to be applied on various parts of the human body like skin, hair etc. 

Why use essential oils?

The question should be – why not? They come with so many health benefits and contain the essence of plants. It’s like getting the best of nature!

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And if you are still skeptical about them, you should be asking what are such oils used for because there can be so many uses! Some of them include:

  1. Inhalation
  2. As a pain reliever in muscles
  3. Ingestion – can be used with food (under strict guidance)

…and the list goes on. 

What are the health benefits of essential oils?

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When it comes to the benefits of essential oils for skin and other body care, essential oils have numerous health benefits. 

And honestly it makes sense. If you are going to use a product probably for the first time in your life, you deserve to know it’s inside out story. 

So here is me articulating the various health benefits of such oils so that you can ultimately decide whether to go ahead with them or not. 

So here the health benefits:

  1. They are known to cure physical and mental issues
  2. They promote human health as they contain various compounds like antioxidants, terpenes and easters. 
  3. Most of them are good for skin
  4. According to a report by Journal Dietary Supplements, they boost human immunity
  5. People who have used them have reported an increase in their energy level

Common types of oils

  • Basil: derived from a cooking herb
  • Bergamot: known to relieve anxiety
  • Calendula: cures and other skin infections
  • Carrot seed: applied in cosmetics
  • Cedarwood: works well in reducing hair loss
  • Cinnamon: relieves stress and improves digestion
  • Clove: takes care of toothaches
  • Myrrh: treats coughs and cold
  • Neroli: maintains proper blood pressure
  • Tea tree: cures fungal skin infections

How to use essential oils?

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Before using such oils, keep in mind they are plant extracts and not meant to be used directly – there are specified ways of using them which should always be adhered to. 

Broadly, there are 3 main ways of using them:

  1. Inhaling them: due to their exquisite smell and medicinal properties, the oils which are labeled to be inhaled can be inhaled directly – but not all of them. 
  1. Diffusers: they spray the oil in the air, thus spreading their molecules. There can be different types of diffusers and use should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using them. Popular types of diffusers include:
  • Ceramic
  • Electric
  • Candle
  1. Applying via a carrier: there are some oils which should be mixed with a carrier before you inhale them or it comes in contact with your skin. Contact the manufacturer or read the instructions on the bottle to see how to use it. 

Do essential oils really work?

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Just in case it’s still not clear, yes they do. 

If you are still not sure how do essential oils work, here’s the thing – they contain compounds like antioxidants and terpenes which are good for human health. 

Besides that, they are plant extracts and natural, so they come with little to no side effects. If you are suffering from health problems listed above in this article, you can consider adding them into your medicine box. 

Where can you get these oils?

Although the internet is filled with sellers claiming their products are the best, I am going to suggest you something different and unique – other than Amazon and FlipKart (by the way, even there the authenticity of the product can’t be assured). 

Ancient Mantra, founded by Raman is one of the safest places to look for essential oils. Why? One – she has done her master’s in Organic Chemistry so she knows what she’s dealing with and two, all the products are tested first before available for commercial use. 

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But this is not it. I believe that when it comes to wellness and personal health, it is always advisable to use products that are inspired by a real-life story. To understand in detail why you should choose Ancient Mantra to buy quality essential oils, click here

Final Words

Artificial methods, most of them are known to cure the diseases or health concerns but at what cost? Side effects, which lead to another chain of problems. 

Essential oils take away this problem and in most cases are harmless. This blog has discussed a number of issues they are known to solve and the fact is, the list is too long to be incorporated in one blog. 

If you’ve read till here, what do you think about such oils? Are they worth a try? Or do you have something to say? Leave a comment below so that we can know if this blog was able to help you. 


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