What is elementor: basic guide to build your website from scratch

So you wish to know what is elementor, this guide is going to help you a lot.

Do you know according to trendsbuiltwith, elementor is the third most popular WordPress plugin to build your website from scratch? People, not only in India but across the world love the elementor plugin to design their website and make it visually appealing for the user. 

And needless to say, if the user finds a site informative and visually appealing, chances are he will visit it – time and again. 

A good reason to design your website, right? We know. 

And if you were living inside a cave and would ask me didn’t know what is elementor plugin, let me explain that to you. 

What is the Elementor plugin? 

what is elementor

If you have a wordpress website, you must have come across the term “what is elementor in wordpress” or “what is elementor theme builder”. And many more questions like this. Well, Elementor is one of the important WordPress plugins which consists of various blocks and page templates – pre-made so that you can just drag and drop them into your main website and save a ton of time in coding. 

It single handedly rules out the requirement of complicated coding like HTML and CSS and allows anyone – even with zero coding knowledge to create a stunning website within minutes. 

Like I said earlier, the best part about the elementor plugin is that everything is in drag and drop form. Elementor was the first page builder plugin to have this feature and when it got worldwide attention, other page builders followed suit. 

And just to tell you, the plugin has over 4+ million active installations and over 5,000 reviews. Most of them 4 stars and above. Speaks a lot about the plugin’s popularity, isn’t it? Well, don’t trust my word. Try for yourself and experience the magic!

Why do you need an Elementor WordPress plugin?

what is elementor pro

Elementor plugin wordpress just makes it easier for you to design your website and at the same time – allowing you to show your creativity side. At the same time, you save a ton of time. 

The best part is – they continuously keep adding new elements into their library so that you have absolutely no problems in designing your dream website. 

Be it the home page, the about us page, contact page or portfolio page – they have got everything. And learning how to use the elementor plugin  is easy as well, which I will come to in a bit. 

The plugin is only available with the WordPress platform and is compatible with almost all the themes and other plugins so rest assured, you will not have any problems in installing and using it, which will be discussed in the further sections. 

How to install WordPress elementor Plugin 

Installing and using elementor in WordPress has become easier over the period of time. In fact, if you follow the steps discussed in this blog, you should be able to have the plugin working for you in just under a minute! (Yes, you heard that right!)

You can get started with the tips mentioned below right away and the good part is  – no purchases are required! Although the plugin comes with a free and a paid version, I’d suggest you stick with the free version if you are just starting out. The free version has a ton of elements on offer and you will be surprised to see the amount of options the free version has to offer. 

What is elementor pro? 

If you want to cut the struggle and have the budget to go for the paid version, go for it. The paid plans of the elementor plugin start with $49 per month. Once you buy it, you can keep all your website designing blues to the side and let the plugin do the impossible for you. 

Not only you get amazing premium and ready-to-use templates to work with, you will get 95% plugin up time and 24*7 dedicated customer support to make your experience with elementor memorable. 

Click here to read more about elementor pro plugin. 

Steps to install and activate elementor:

elementor pugin pro
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Step 1: Go to your WordPress Dashboard, you’ll see “plugins” section

Step 2: Hover the mouse over plugins section and click on “Add new”

Step 3: In the search bar, type “elementor” and wait

Step 4: You’ll see “Elementor by elementor.com“ click on it

Step 5: The plugin will be installed. Click on “Activate” and it will be activated

And boom! That’s it, you have installed the world’s most popular page builder to design your website. Now click on elementor plugin, explore and see how you can design your dream website. 

There is also an elementor woocommerce plugin, designed to accept payments for e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. So if you are someone who is looking to get started with an e-commerce website, this plugin can be your one stop solution. 

It consists of various templates like product comparisons, product descriptions, secured payments page and much more. You don’t have to design anything, just drag and drop the elements. 

You can read this guide to learn more about elementor woocommerce plugin. 


When designing the website from scratch, you would want the process to be seamless, fun and easy to remember. Use can use the free version, or the Elementor plugin pro can bring you exactly that kind of experience and more. People out there are earning tons of money just by designing websites of clients using the elementor plugin. If you can master the art of using the elementor plugin, you can earn loads of money too! 

Moreover, the plugin also helps you to optimize your posts for Search Engine Optimization which helps your website to rank higher in Google. 

So one day or day, you decide!

If you still have doubts as to what is elementor wordpress, feel free to mail us – the details you will get in the ‘contact us’ page. We would be happy to help!

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